What is Where To Next?

Where To Next is a collection of words and photographs accumulated throughout a one-month travel around Southeast Asia. It is a small compilation of some of my diary entries and quotes that inspired me to pursue my dream to travel. I named the project as such because before I left to travel, everyone asked me the same question:

“So where to next?”

'I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.' (Susan Sontag) Click To Tweet

I originally intended for this to be a solo trip, however, my sister decided to go with me to Hong Kong since the last time we’ve visited was more than five years ago and my boyfriend, Jaime, decided to go with me in Vietnam, since he’s never been too. I traveled solo for the rest of the destinations.

All the images and words for this project are by me, unless stated otherwise. Please don’t use any part of this project without my permission.

Some previews from the mini book:

You can see the whole book here.

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