I know lately your heart has been stretching out the distance, that the world seems so much bigger when measured in miles and time zones. But eventually you’ll meet them halfway, you’ll find them in your own hiding place. Hold on to that hope and don’t let go.


You are an earthquake that sends ripples in the water and cracks on the ground. You are many, many beautiful things. Don’t let those voices trample upon your worth.


Someone once said that there are cracks in everything so light would come in. Your cracks aren’t imperfections, they’re the ones that keep you whole.


It’s time to stop praying to the skies and wishing they’d go back to you, dearest. If you try and look closely, the world is bigger than the patch of rain cloud you keep praying unto.


Your heart is so big it could cover the borders of Alaska, however don’t open it often as a home to people who are only meant to come in your life as guests. When things don’t go well some of them would move on with their next destinations as if it were nothing, as if you didn’t mean the slightest inch of space in their cages. Your home is meant for the ones who will stay, through thunderstorms and rain.


Don’t be afraid to create beautiful things. The world could never have enough color and glitter. If you look at your hands and you see roadmaps and ink splatters, be proud of how much you’ve done.


Dearest, you are not a puzzle piece whose sole purpose in the world is to complete others.


We all tend to burn things whether or not on purpose: candlesticks, toast, or bridges. Don’t hate yourself for being made of passion and fire. One day you’d meet someone who’d burn with you just as much, without leaving scorch marks on your heart.


Love is not meant to hurt you so much you’d bleed. It is meant as a sigh of relief; the moment when you come home after a dreadful day and you could curl up in your lover’s arms and say, “I’m so glad to be home.” You deserve someone to go home to, child. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


There are many different ways that people could wear bravery. Some of them were armors, some wear masks. I’ve always admired the way you wear your heart on your sleeves.


Kindness does not equate to weakness, no matter what people say. Always be kind, even if the world is lashing out on you with sharp tongues. Always be kind, even if they tell you that in doing so your heart will be burdened.


Life is only as beautiful as you make it out to be, so open up your curtains and wipe your cheeks. Joy could be found even in the littlest things, like your favorite cup of coffee or warm sweater sleeves.

 artwork done by: Dou_leung


Cara likes to read, write and laze around in her spare time. She goes into trance whenever she walks into bookstores and antique shops. She hopes to write about many adventures she'll have one day.