One of my must-do’s upon visiting Penang was street art hunting. These murals along the streets of Penang were originally made by Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic back in 2012.


They’ve become so iconic along the historical Georgetown that more artists have contributed to Penang street art. The Penang Tourism Board also created their own iron structures, with little tidbits and anecdotes about Penang heritage, scattered along the streets. It’s how I learned that Love Lane, the street where my hostel was situated at, used to be the street were rich old Chinese businessmen fraternize with their mistresses.

These are some of what I’ve found on the day I spent street art hunting.

Unfortunately, these don’t last quite long and when I visited Penang, most of Ernest’s art were faded, mirroring distress of wind and rain over the past years. I was sad that I can barely see some of his work when I found them.

Links and Maps about Penang Street Art


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