They were wrong when they said some things last forever if you decide to keep them. I think the world tells you this to steer you away from the haunting truth that nothing lasts that long. People would come and go like seasons in your life and your favorite milk has an expiration date. All things that begin would eventually have an end.


This destruction was inevitable.


Some people would make homes out of you and take advantage of your welcome mat. They would drink all your wine and sleep on your couch and make you feel you’re important, and then leave you out of the blue with nothing to drink and nowhere to sleep. Some would need you too much and dearest, you’d have to break away. These people would drown you out in the ocean and leave you washed up off shore, and you’d feel so empty, so drained out, because once again, you have given too much.


There are those who would feel like you’re the missing puzzle piece in their life mystery. Take a deep breath and remind yourself, people are not made up of broken glass and the universe did not place you in here to complete these people. You are the sun, and you should not need to break yourself just to make others feel whole.


Someday when you realize the world isn’t made of cottage cheese and confetti, ice cream sticks and people who won’t always be there for you, you learn how to let them go like unwanted strands under the sink.


And for those who have shook off your welcome mat and left bread crumbs all over your floor, they’d find another home. As for you, your walls are grapevines and thunderstorms, and this time, you are better.

feature image by Kendall Lane


Cara likes to read, write and laze around in her spare time. She goes into trance whenever she walks into bookstores and antique shops. She hopes to write about many adventures she'll have one day.