Monday Things // Vol 2

monday things vol 2


This library-themed hostel in Tokyo, Japan makes me want to book a flight. Now.


I’ve been going through this list of the best stop-motion animated films all week. It’s the best discovery I’ve made on the Internet for this month.


This interview of Constance Wu (from Fresh Off The Boat) is such a breather and I loved everything about it, especially the part where she talked about stereotyping Asian-Americans and people’s accents.


Because everyday is Halloween for me – here’s a list of 13 horror Mangas that will make you want to sleep with a nightlight.


We officially have a first look at Alice Through The Looking Glass and I am so excited. (I felt like the Alice in Wonderland film we got was already Through the Looking Glass though.. so this is basically Tim Burton’s fanfiction. Still excited.)


How amazing is this cancer breakthrough by a one year-old girl.


An Australian-based photographer takes captivating photographs that would remind you of Wes Anderson films. I’m such a sucker for everything Wes Anderson. How cliche of me.


This Infographic on how to be more creative.


A list of America’s best coffee cities. To add to my travel bucket list.


How was your weekend? Mine was pretty mundane. My roommate and I did a lot of house cleaning and organizing. We also had a horror movie marathon with my younger brother, which was a complete and total failure. Apparently 1 1/2 star ratings on Netflix do have a reason.

I still have a list of things to do before Jaime comes (in six days!!!): shampooing the carpet, washing my pillowcases and sheets, writing my grocery list. I’m overwhelmed with frenzy and excitement; until now, I feel like his visit is just a far off dream.

Here’s to another week ahead of us. I hope it’ll be great.

featured image from Dominik Martin


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    November 9, 2015

    Love this whole list! Especially the library based hostel!

    Kyah –

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      November 12, 2015

      Thank you, Kyah! And yes, the library hostel is my ultimate favorite – Japan has the quirkiest places to go to. 🙂