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Things I Learned

The Wrong Kind of Serendipity

Short Story Things I Learned Writing

Her I told my older sister once, I may be one of those who could be in love with two people at once. She laughed and said, it’s probably because I am in love with love itself. In fact, I fall half-in love with almost everyone I meet. It’s quite .

A Letter To My Younger Self

Things I Learned Writing

Dear my 13 year old self, I’m telling you that in the next years to come, so many things are yet to happen. Our life is stretched out before us with so many possibilities filling the horizon, and I promise you that everything that .

This is How You Fly

Things I Learned Writing

To anyone who would listen, Take a deep breath and find your wings.

The art of burning bridges

Things I Learned Writing

i. I told myself I shouldn’t write about you yet here I am, mounting the footsteps and flinging myself off the cliffs of come what may, because sometimes the world gets too much and I need a space to breathe in. ii. I used to think we were two .

We all fall down

Things I Learned Writing

I was the coffee and you were wine, I wanted to stain your favorite white shirt and wreck it, the way you got me too drunk to count constellations in my sleep. I wish for your silhouette to stop burning through the back of my eyelids, for these .

Sometimes, letting go isn’t a terrible thing

Things I Learned Writing

i. They were wrong when they said some things last forever if you decide to keep them. I think the world tells you this to steer you away from the haunting truth that nothing lasts that long. People would come and go like seasons in your life .