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The Wrong Kind of Serendipity

Short Story Things I Learned Writing

Her I told my older sister once, I may be one of those who could be in love with two people at once. She laughed and said, it’s probably because I am in love with love itself. In fact, I fall half-in love with almost everyone I meet. It’s quite .

What If


It was dark and it was raining and if it were a different circumstance in a possible different universe, you would’ve hated it. But you were in this one – the realest one – and you both were laughing and running and for a split .

I Only Have Beginnings


  Once upon a time you were only a distant dream, a memory from the hidden corners in my head that I could barely piece together. For a while it felt like you didn’t exist. You were simply a shadow in my wall I confided to before going to .

I had a conversation with myself about you

Midnight After Thoughts Writing

Earlier today I was stuck in traffic for about an hour. Usually, I would try to pass the time by putting my phone on shuffle, it seemed easier to measure the distance through songs than minutes of travel. But today, I was elsewhere. My thoughts .

Unfinished Story // 1 (And Some News)


And it happened. One day he woke up, lying beside me as I was thinking today was just like any other day, when he told me – eyes cast off in a world that was no longer ours – that he doesn’t love me anymore. “It’s .


Midnight After Thoughts Writing

Flower Constructions by Anne Ten Donkelaar Here you are – always holding out for that one hope that he was wrong. That someday, someone would knock in your door and see through your cracks and decide that these things you hide within .

Lost Habits

Letters Writing

01. I used to fall down and shatter like a wine glass slipping through your fingers when you’ve had one too many. 02. I’d pile a laundry of all my frustrations in weeks, kicking off my shoes as I curl into bed, muffled screams drowning through .