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This Is A Farewell.

Hello, my darlings.

I’m sad to say that this will be, unfortunately, my last post. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I’ve finally come to a decision. I’m closing this blog indefinitely, and as of this moment, I’m not sure whether or not I would come back to writing and blogging.

I try not to overshare details of my personal life online, but my thoughts on this blog have always been vulnerable and completely honest, and so…

  • Hello, 2018.

    Jan 1, 2018

    « il faut laisser aller le monde comme il va. » // we must let the world go as it is

    I hope in the next year,…

  • Tulipmania 2017

    Jul 20, 2017

    I always feel at home whenever I’m surrounded by beautiful gardens. When I visited Singapore last April, it was Tulipmania in the Flower Dome at Gardens by…

  • Life Lately / 1

    Jun 25, 2017

    Starting out a new life lately series, just so that I could somehow update this space more often and I could occasionally check in…