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Turning 25 in NYC

Diary Favorites Life Travel

“New York City, center of the universe.” (Angel, RENT) I’ve always held a sort of fascination for New York City for as long as I can remember. It stemmed from countless reruns of Friends, an obsession over the first era .

On Being Happy

Diary Favorites Life Travel

(New York City, June 10, 2017) Not too long ago, I won’t lie if I say I thought I wouldn’t make it to today. There were many things that didn’t go right in my life – the next thing I knew, I was left alone in a hurdle .

Where To Next (2017)

Favorites Life Travel

What is Where To Next? Where To Next is a collection of words and photographs accumulated throughout a one-month travel around Southeast Asia. It is a small compilation of some of my diary entries and quotes that inspired me to pursue my dream .

Monday Things // Vol 3

Art + Culture Favorites

One. Photographs of forgotten housing estates in Paris. I’ve been looking so much into this city recently. Not so sure if it’s my heart that has been doing all the calling (yearning). Two. I’m currently looking into learning .

Monday Things // Vol 2

Art + Culture Collection Favorites

One. This library-themed hostel in Tokyo, Japan makes me want to book a flight. Now. Two. I’ve been going through this list of the best stop-motion animated films all week. It’s the best discovery I’ve made on the Internet for .

Sisters of the Coven // Mixtape

Favorites Inspiration

Side A // Welcome to Forever Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) / Emily Browning Who am I to disagree? / I travel the world and the seven seas / Everybody is looking for something Sisters of the Moon / Fleetwood Mac She asked me / Be my sister, .

Monday Things // Vol 1

Art + Culture Favorites

Happy Monday, everyone. What are your plans for this week? I think I have work shifts straight until Sunday which is sort of a bummer, but I’m hoping to get all the hours I can in order to save up for Jaime’s upcoming visit here in .